About SRC


Based on the interest in protection of national security and deep future vision, the wise Leadership of UAE decided to establish the Space Reconnaissance Center (SRC), in year 2000, to directly and independently receive high resolution images from a number of satellites. The United Arab Emirates SRC brings the technology and experience to turn data into actionable information leading to information superiority in the 21st century.


The United Arab Emirates (SRC) is designed and built in support of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces mission to maintain security of the Nation and Peace in the region. The aim is to insure timely and independent reception of images that will be utilized in protecting national security and supporting regional and global peace & civilian applications of images by UAE government organizations.

Information Superiority—Now and in the Future
New technology has made a dramatic and powerful impact on the means available to support National Security objectives. The United Arab Emirates
SRC operates systems that assist in the Early Warning, Monitoring and Planning Security missions of the Armed Forces for the country and the region.
SRC stands as a peculiar high-end technological center for receiving, processing imagery data and information exploitation. It is a turnkey remote sensing system which employs advanced capabilities for tasking, receiving, processing, analyzing satellite and aerial imagery data and making relevant image maps and reports that will be rapidly handled to commanders to help taking proper decisions for the situation, particularly in case of crisis. Accurate and timely information allows a true assessment of a situation. Through this type of understanding and intelligence gathering, true security and peace can be facilitated.

Vital information sources enhance response in support of critical operations, emergency relief, regional security and peacekeeping operations. Satellite imagery enhances other forms of information analysis. Highly trained intelligence officers develop information products, which feed directly into the critical Armed Forces support for ground, logistical, amphibious, naval and air operations.

SRC has an aggressive technology insertion program. All programs and activities are built around the concept of flexibility, in order to add new technology as it becomes available, and continually improve on the techniques used today.

Universal Ground Station (UGS) has the ability to task satellite systems and produce products, which after being analyzed, are disseminated as information to the various Armed Forces units.