Imagery Exploitation and Analysis

The exploitation and analysis system integrates commercially available software into a tool to efficiently manage, process, exploit, analyze and generate products from remotely sensed imagery data. Products are generated using a variety of analytic techniques such as data fusion, change detection, terrain analysis, and multi-spectral analysis.

The segment employs state-of-the art databases to maintain imaging information on facilities, collection requirements, databases reports and products. The database enable analysts to maintain the historical information and conduct comparative analysis with newly collected information.

To insure highest levels of security and confidentiality the different elements are self-contained in the station. The segment comprises advanced production capabilities, exploitation and analysis system, complex product development for security operation, and rapid dissemination system for information distribution among the armed forces. Imagery from a proven reliable, rapid and secure system allows immediate access for decisions makers. Commanders have in country access to imagery and information, without delay and risk of compromise.