The SRC generates various products, such as digital elevation models, maps and images. However, the applications of these output products are numerous. The SRC develops products specifically for critical military and security operations, such as facility monitoring and classification, indications and warning, peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, camouflage, concealment and deception, mapping, and mission planning and execution.

Facility Monitoring and Classification

Facility monitoring and classification is the development of a signature that identifies an installation by function, such as naval, air and ground activities; accordingly a surveillance plan is established. Changes can be detected by comparing current imagery coverage, with historical coverage and force structure.

Indications and Warning

The collection of Indications and Warning (I&W) information is necessary for monitoring and identifying situations that pose potential or actual threats to global interests or personnel.

Peacekeeping and Humanitarian

The UAE Air force has contributed in several humanitarian missions around the world including Somalia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Kuwait. The imagery is used by the deployed forces to create situational awareness as well as to enhance the assessment of the surrounding environment.

Camouflage, Concealment and Deception

Applying advance techniques, imagery can be used to reveal concealment deception camouflage whether man-made or natural.

Command & Control, Mission Planning and Execution

Remote sensing imagery products enables the visualization of the threat and permits command and control & battle field monitoring, and proper utilization of the environment/terrain, which permits optimal deployment and facilitates the mission success. Targets will be identified and associated threats evaluated, and proper plans for force movement, targeting and damage assessment can be enforced. Imagery products support simulation modeling and exercises.

Monitoring of the Environment

Repeated images of large areas assess management & monitoring of environmental phenomena’s and disasters including floods, fires, earthquakes & volcanic activity, desertification, pollution…etc.

Exploration and Monitoring of Natural Resources 

Images can help in exploration, monitoring and management of natural resources such as water, agriculture activity, oil & minerals.

Urban Planning and Mapping 

High resolution and accurate images greatly supports urban planning, mapping, infrastructure management, locational services and site selection studies.


In Oceanography, Images can be used in ship routing, fisheries and sea state & temperature monitoring . Images of different kinds have been successfully used in scientific research and education.