Established in 1999, Universal Ground Station (UGS) of the UAE AF – SRC directly and independently receives images from a number of high and medium resolution satellites, with the aim being to meet the UAE Armed Forces and Government Organizations requirements in support of maintaining national security, mapping, planning and environmental applications.

UGS is currently receiving images from a constellation of high and medium resolution satellites including IKONOS-2, Kompsat-2, DesertWatch and IRS-P6 satellites. In addition, SRC-UGS already received and archived large volumes of image data from IRS -1C & 1D and Kompsat 1 satellites; from year 2000 until 2007.

New Satellites:  In addition to the IKONOS, Kompsat-1 and IRS 1C-1D satellites, SRC has added two important satellites; the 5m-IRS-P6 and 1m-Kompsat-2 in 2007 and 2008 respectively. These satellites replaced the dead Kompsat 1 and IRS 1C-1D satellites, with the aim being to continue supplying a variety of high and medium resolution images in support of reconnaissance and mapping applications.

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Other Data Sources:
As a part of the UGS, information gathered from aerial data sources such as F-16, Mirage2000/9 and other aerial and UAV (Unmanned Armed Vehicles) platforms, can be ingested into the system, exploited and analyzed. the UGS was designed to add future capabilities, as well as future satellite systems. The UGS was designed to accommodate future capabilities including newly developed ground systems & future satellites.