Image Production Segment

Diverse products are generated in response to requirements for timely, accurate and actionable information critical to the National Security and in support of the specific needs of the Armed Forces. The production segment provides everything necessary to completely generate imagery products from any of the supported satellites. The
Space Reconnaissance Center (SRC) users are the different armed forces units and government agencies. Based on their requirement the data is produced using the latest image processing software and hardware.

The SRC is electronically linked to the different armed forces units to insure timely delivery of the required data and information. Data is held in an archive and can be retrieved and returned at a moment’s notice. These products include radiometrically and geometrically corrected images, ortho-rectified images, digital terrain data, pan-sharpened (color) images and image mosaics.

Both digital and hard copy image prints are available , designed to meet the user needs. Products developed in the Universal Ground Station (UGS) meet all the Armed Forces mapping needs both internally and regionally. Imagery processing systems generate products, which meet the National Imagery and Mapping Agency certified standards, including:

  • Topographic Line Maps,
  • Feature Foundation Data (FFD),
  • Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED),
  • Image Maps,
  • Controlled Image Base products.

Products produced from UGS are automatically ortho-rectified (geographically tied to the Earth), in order to create and develop highly accurate maps and mission plans.